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No update lately

If you are one of the consistent reader or follower of this blog, you have totally noticed right away from the title of why I put it on. I am not sure, why I haven't posted more update lately. I might be too bored with the routinely chores at home, and hopefully I am not depress. Though, I tried my best to socialized through the internet world, but having someone to talk too physically is very different. 

Plus, I am more anxious to pack up all the things we have here, and no the mortgage isn't done for some simple reason. I am pretty sure that it will take a week or too before the appraiser will be able to check the house and would give us a go signal that we can move in. 

Pretty sure when that time comes, we will be very busy packing things, sorting what goes to where and what is not. And by that time, it will be cold outside that it will gives me more discouragement of the moving. However, I don't have to stay here for I have to go where my family goes. And to get it over with, I must do my best to pack as quick as possible. 

Hopefully by then, I would be able to update at least once for real. And not because I have some reviews to do, in order to earn money online.

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