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What you can do while waiting

As hubby has worked tonight at one of the company here, I as the supportive wife has to wait for him to get home before I headed myself to bed. It isn't my nature as well to go to bed at night and my other half is not home safe and sound. It gives me nightmares and I am at ease. Sometimes, if I couldn't help myself to wait I do send him a message to let him know that my eyes are shutting down. Can't hold any more longer so I must head myself to bed. 

So, anyway, tonight is one of those nights that I am wide awake. Might be too much caffeine intake this morning. I have done the routinely things and totally gets bored online already. Finished watching one of those romantic movies I downloaded, but he isn't home yet.

Now, I am surfing online and I am happy to know that I am glad I did. Because, I have found a nice website that could help me improve my website knowledge. I came across to wpromote page. Very interesting for me, something that relates my blog and how to attracts more readers. 

I told myself, things do happen for a reason, at least now I have another additional website to visit to and to look on what brings good to my page.


  1. such nice to have a faithful wife supporting their partner... God bless you...!
    Thanks for the visit...

    1. thanks for the effort as well

  2. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Good Job sis! Thanks for hopping to my blog.

    1. thanks for stopping by too sis


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