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Do we really know how important communication is with everyone? I do, and I have experienced this since my move in a different country. Not to compare things, for I never like it to be compared, unfortunately when things happened to you, without doing it on purpose, you can compare from what you had before to what you had experienced now.

It is very sad to see these people whom you consider part of your life, that doesn’t really look like it. I have been biting my tongue for I do not want to criticize any family member; however this has got to be end. There should be one person about all who have to do something with the situation.

The root of this entire people, adult should still be guide especially when you see them doing the wrong thing. Talking to them is one major way to resolve some problems. Telling them or hurting their feelings by saying what wasn’t right would be the first step.

I am very happy that my family communicates as much as they can to the members of the family. Because through simple updates of what is happening with each other and our own family, it helps us help one another emotionally. Advice us on what to do, or what we should do in order to solve some problems. Communicating to one another means only one thing, we are concern with each other and willing to know what is going on. We are open with our lives, and for me that’s what family should be.

I guess writing an essay about Communication would be great. Especially, when you have experienced on your own that you can relate into.

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  1. You're right..! communication is very important.. confusion if we don't understand it's other...

    BTW..Thanks for the visit in my blog....


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