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Do they Exist? Until Now...

I do learned that Dinosaur exists before mankind on earth. After a meteor vanished them it was the mankind who takes over the earth. Of course if you don't believe in God, those are the stories you would definitely know and learn.

As for me, I think it was human who first exists on earth, and maybe other parts of earth where those dinosaurs live? 

I have no clue, I guess I will find it out in my next life. If, I remember this questions.

Anyways, I do believe that there are dinosaurs, however like I said their existence on earth are over. Until, this very afternoon. 
Was outside with my son and his friend, when I looked up in the sky a very familiar image. Yes! A Tyrannosaurus, or shortly we known as T-Rex. It is not the fully image of the Dinosaur, but the head figure.

Gladly to say, I had my cellphone with me and took at least two identical image of this once in a lifetime cloud formation. I have never thought that I would captured this kind of image one day. I thought I could only seen this in an Online TV, which I always browse. Nevertheless, I was amazed that day.

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  1. haha, glad you were able to take a shot of that T-Rex cloud Nova.


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