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Long Weekend

We all knew that we will going to have a long weekend and everyone of us has plans of what would be the best thing to do during those days. Others planned of living town and went somewhere else, to see the other beauty of the country. Others would love to experience a longer time with nature, away from busy and noisy town/city. While others would prefer to be at home, with the family and get more rest. 

It is a perfect time to do some outdoor work, if you planned to finished your landscaping before cold weather hits. A perfect time to just simple finished the unfinished things due to work and short of time during those days that work is in demand. 

As for my family? We simply stayed at home, hanging out with each other. Doing perfectly nothing. Although, we procrastinate with the new house work, still at the last day my hubby decided he has to go to the new house to finish sanding. 

We are mostly done with the major parts, except at the fireplace where the ceiling has to be painted after sanding. Wiring and transferring the wires from the old box to the new one has been started and waiting for our technician to finished the whole thing. 

That long weekend, hasn't given us any thing to accomplished though. But, hubby got more rest and he deserves it.

What about you? What did you do with your long weekend?


  1. yehey, am excited for you Nova, excited to see the product of your labor, in your new house.

  2. Thanks for the visit and comment... Blessings...!


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