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Who couldn't forget?

Who among us could forget what happened 11 years ago? Today, the world was shocked and heartbroken of what happened at New York City. One of the busiest and biggest trademarks building of United State went on fire and a commercial airplane crashed into that building, then that tall and busy building just collapse in just a minute, plus, all those innocent people who lose their lives to help or get involved with a very horrible way. Thinking of what happened always gives me goose bumps. We don’t want to think and remember that way, why don’t we try to remember something positive inspite of the anguish we felt eleven years ago.

To the family and friends who lose their love one because of this horrible incident. May they will have peace in their heart and minds, and all those souls lost during that day. May they find the light and move on. My heart and prayer goes to these people always.


  1. who could indeed forget Novs, the pain and the lessons, may we all come out stronger from the painful experiences of the past.

  2. Hi Nova,

    yes, it is devastating, unfortunately the terrorism didn't end. Even here in Germany we are on security alert, because suspected terrorists threatened to put bombs in crowded places :(
    So, I'm staying at home.
    take care and be safe always,

  3. It will always be remembered... Thanks for the visit.. God bless you and your family...!


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