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Music, My Addiction

Who doesn’t love to listen to music, especially when it was your favorite band/singer? I was a music freak before, during my childhood years. I remembered that my mother thinks I am crazy for playing these rock band songs in our cassette. For those who don’t know what cassette tape a compact case containing length of magnetic tape that runs between two small reels:used for recording or playback in a tape recorder or cassette  deck  and by some small computer systems to store programs and data. 

Anyways, my mother always scolded me for choosing a different kind of music to listen, I remember that I will shut my door in my bedroom and played the song inside, however it could still hear if you sit in the living room.

As time goes by, the music of choice I have is changing and I kind of like the mellow, old fashion music. By that time, I was closer to my mother especially when it comes to listen to a song in our favorite radio station.

And today, I can tell that it came back. All I want to do is to playback those favorite songs I could remember through YouTube. Thank you modern technology, I could play it over and over without ruining anything.

Have you been a music addict? If so, what were your music choices, it would be awesome to know them that way I would feel that I am not alone of choosing them way back my childhood days.

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