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I have mentioned in one of the social networking that I am actively registered about “Dreams do come true”, others who had dream of some fancy things hasn’t been able to come true yet. While others who dreams to have a contented life were already started and as the day goes by it keeps going on.

Some people don’t believe in fairy tales, others like me who grew up to believe that fairies do exist, but we don’t see them have this hopes and dreams within me. The feeling of keeping these dreams in you makes me live my life even more well every day, even though I do know what real life is.

Anyways, I remember when I was still in my homeland; one of my dreams is to make sure that our daily laundry would be automatically washed by one of my fairy godmother. And since we manually washed our laundry before, it sometimes took me hours and hours to finish the whole dirty clothes of the family. Yes! I was the Cinderella amongst the siblings, my chores is to wash our dirty clothes.

Gladly to say, I don’t need to walk miles just to get water. We are fortunate that we have a faucet right next where we want it.

And today, everything is very quick and easy. One of my dreams do come true, for I no longer wash our dirty clothes manually, instead I could wash them with a single push of a button. A washing machine came to help not just me but everyone else who had problems when it comes to washing their laundries. Convenient and fast, I am glad this happened.  And with modern help, of what would best fits you, simply visit Bosch Washing Machine.

So, if you have dreams in you, make sure you keep that for you wouldn’t know one day, and even if it’s one at a time, your dreams will come true.


  1. Continue dreaming and strive to achieve your dreams... God bless...!

  2. I do have some dreams as well, one of them is to have my own family in the future :)


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