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Sweet HandyMan

Got plenty of candies while watching the unexpected parade to this place where we are going to move-in soon. My intention was just to get closer to this parade, however they threw candies towards us, and the nice neighbor lady helped to pick up those candies for my son. 

Although, I am against of giving my son candies because it causes me more problems of his teeth in the future. I still accepted the candies and proceeded home after the parade.

On the same day, the covered in the kitchen were put-up and I happened to take a quick update picture of the lovely area. Of course, this renovation wouldn't be possible without our handyman Daddy.
As of now, there were only small things to fix in the house. Just waiting for the appraiser to get back and check the house and the big move-in will soon come.s


  1. wow candy for free at the parade? love that. Nice kitchen Ate Nova.

    1. that's why when u watch a parade bring plastic bag to get more candies for free...

  2. wow... good thing you had a handyman for free...!

    1. yup, esp here carpenter is way too expensive...glad my man knows about being a handyman


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