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Went somewhere, Finally!

After months of being at home, I finally convinced my husband to take us somewhere to enjoy the lovely Sunny day. I am glad that we went to a fair, 45 minutes away from home. Although it was the last day of the fair, I wasn't expecting that all the stall will be full. I am sure that there will be empty, or some booth will start cleaning. I was right, most of the animals in the barn were all gone. And we saw that they start cleaning and taking the animals back to their farms. It wasn't as fun as we thought it would be.

Was taken during our travel towards the fair...

Inspite of the fact that we didn't see most of that animals, at least we have the time to bound and leave our premises on that day.


  1. glad you were able to take some time out at the fair Nova. hope all is going well with your new house work.

    1. thanks for the comment betchai,


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