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After 4 years

This is what I found in the closet while packing the stuff for the move. Didn't expect if we still have this slippers we used during our Niagara Falls visit. We walked to the Mists and had fun, we have to use this slippers and a rain coat in order not to get wet while enjoying the amazing scenery. 

I wasn't cold for we went there during Summer and it was extremely hot day. The famous spot gives us an amazing time for each other and being wet from one of the world's wonders is an opportunity.

Can't wait to go back there and experience the same thing, however it would be more fun for we do have an addition to our trip, our bundle of joy. 

Speaking of having a bundle of joy. Some couples were not ready to have one right away, they want to make sure they have enough money to support the new member. I guess the birth control takes the place. So they used them, however some people have problems while using the said birth control. 

One main birth control that I am referring into is nuvaRing, I'm sure you are very familiar with this one for it has so many tv commercials. I do and don't remember this one. Women just love to have a convenient birth control so they choose NuvaRing. 

Nevertheless, I seldom heard about nuvaring lawsuits unless I have to dig the reviews online. Aside from malfunction used, there are side effects too for certain women, this is where nuvaring litigation takes place.

I am aware that nothing is perfect on earth, there will be malfunctions or side effects in some certain products. The knowledge of learning about this wouldn't be one main thing that you are responsible enough of what would be the consequences if you were the one who got hit by that 1%.

So we have to wise and read more, aside from that, living life to the fullest is what we should also do.

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