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Sweet, Sister Love for Me

One I truly missed back home, is the company of my sweet sisters. They are incomparable and nothing beats the happiness when your spending time with them. I am sure bickering with your siblings is way too normal. And those are the kind of things that I miss so much back home. We never take grudges for we were taught it is very bad, specially when you are holding one of the family member. 

However, I am excited and couldn't wait for a soon to be reunion. For now, the communication is always with each other. I am glad that I could ask favor from them to send me some stuff and they will gladly do it for me. I am lucky to have them in my life.

So this is why, I have this favorite corned beef from Philippines as one of my request. 
The blessed crucifix and my birth month color Rosary.
This caramelized milk [yema] was also taught by my sisters.
Couldn't wait for me to do some favors for them soon. Maybe a Limo hire Knutsford would be good to rent once she and her family migrate here after 5 years.

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  1. enjoy the goodies, Nova, it is indeed great when you have sisters who can send you something you crave from back home.


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