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Good opportunity for my Mother

If only she is here in the US with us. I could have look for a branch nearby to help my mother's vision back to its normal grade. I heard so many things from my sister about her eye problem. They have to keep going back to an eye doctor for a check up and sometimes last year she had her surgery on her eye. I do feel bad of not helping her financially. 

There are parents who never asked help from their kids. They don't want to be a burden to them, for they know that they have families on their own to attend too. However, giving out some support financially would be a big help for them. 

I do have plan to bring my parents here after my citizenship for I wanted them to see other countries, even though staying for just a vacation only. Aside from that, looking for a good eye doctor would be one main thing I have been looking into. 

And that's where, I found Marc Werner, MD read so much about his profession and how he can help my mother regain a clearer vision someday. At least getting this information before my parents gets here would be a lovely thing for me to do. I can't wait to help my mother and it would be a good opportunity for her to see the wonderful places we have on this country.


  1. God will grant the desires of your heart. Hope your mom's sight problem will be resolved soon. Blessings..!

  2. we have the same wish Novs, I wish for my father also to come visit me here for a vacation. wish your mom would be able to come and her vision also gets better.


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