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What does a Noisy Hawk want?

Somewhere in the middle of this picture were the two hawk. Making this funny sounds every time we came to the new house. Only one bird makes this weird sound while standing beside the other hawk. As if the other hawk ignore this one who makes the noise. I couldn't tell if which one is a female or male. I do assume that it is the male who wants to impress the female to mate.  

It didn't bothered me nor my son who is upstairs at all. Until I have noticed that they were always on the same tree every Sunday noon. I don't want to make too much noise for them to scare and flew away.

That sounds takes hours before it faded away. I don't know exactly what is that noise meant and why does the hawk does it for. To whatever it is, it is between this two birds business.


  1. haha, same with us Novs, the birds make this crazy noises, but I am not always lucky to get a picture of them :)

  2. Hi Nova!
    I love listening to the various sounds of birds. I always imagine what they must be communicating to each other! I'm sure the pair in your tree will keep you entertained :)
    have a lovely day,


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