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Keys, lost!!

That’s right, I was wondering one Tuesday night when my partner still hasn’t home yet, when he told me he’ll be home soon. The reason behind of the delayed is that, he lost his car keys, together with the other house key, our home key and his work’s key. He has no clue, where he might have lost it so he went back to check the places he went. Of course, he can’t go back to where they had their jobs for it is in the different state and it does takes an hour to get to that state.

Now, hubby was an restlessness because couldn’t find the emergency car keys, for he move it from where it was before. The house key, we have so many spares, the other house key, he don’t have a choice but to get it from his electrician in order to get in that house.

To make things short, they [I mean hubby and his electrician friend] when all the way to the other house to look for the car’s spare key. And it turned out that it was just in the drawer. He has no preference but to walk from home all the way to his work place. The good thing is that it’s just blocks away so it won’t take him 30 minutes to walk.

Now, all the keys he has was all spares. What an odd day for him, for he never lost any of his keys since. I guess, there is always first time for everything.

And what did I contribute with the whole situation? Trying to think as hard as I can on where that car key be. It doesn't help when your brain is also occupied with other things such as tutoring. I know right, it is way beyond what is going on. I was thinking to look for an online tutoring not only for me to earn income, but as well as to help spare the news on where to look for a best and satisfying website.


  1. oh, sorry about the lost keys, Nov, hope your hubby was able to find them or replace them now.

    1. it's a pretty bad timing too. now that i got my DL now he accidentally lost it...oh well, we did find the spare, however told him to make a duplicate just in case it happened again, and hopefully not...


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