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So long tooth…

I must say that for I have send-off to my 1st molar tooth on my bottom right side of my teeth. I had at least three teeth extraction within this year. First two were my wisdom teeth that need to be removed, that way I won’t have cavity on those teeth that were right next to it. Points, why I have it taken out, it’s because when I brush my teeth I can’t reached that back portion of the teeth. And if there were spare food that might have stayed in those areas, it will generate into cavity, with a vastly chance of destroying my perfectly healthy teeth.

The schedule of my tooth extraction as after the day I passed my road test, and that was today, so while writing this post I still have that gauge in my mouth for I have to make sure it is no longer bleeding before I decided not to put gauge anymore.

Have to be responsible with this kind of extraction, for there are instance that it gets unhygienic or it takes forever to heal. So, as long as I have to be vigilant I hope it will take 2-3 days before it will start to heal.

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