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I am Licensed

I have been waiting for this day to come, and I am so happy that it finally came. It took me two cancelations before I keep on into this test; the two were not my liability. It is a divergence between my husband’s work schedules. And it turned out that he still wasn’t with me when I had my test.

The test that I was talking is about my ROAD TEST. Yup! I finally nailed it. And I am finally over with it. I was so worried before since, my 5 hours driving class’s expiration is getting closer too. I know and I freak out a little bit, however for me, I would like to have a longer time just in case I didn’t get my first test. It was a nerve wracking for me. Would be able to know what is it like out there, taking your test.

To make that whole electrifying day short, I PASSED my road test. I was a little bit jumpy when we started, but as I composed myself and pay attention to what the instructor was telling me to do. I make sure that I follow the rules and attentive of other vehicles. I did a great job with my k-point turn and no problem with my parallel park. I didn’t even feel nervous while driving along

Got back finally to where we started, got some point from the instructor to go over with me, like making sure I look at the back and do not rely too much on the mirror, for you can really see how far you are from an object, which is extremely true to observe. I have a mix feeling after I signed the ticket, as my temporary 90 days license. Now, I have to wait my Driver’s License in the mail.

Sometimes, it has a great outcome when you wait for something. As long as it won’t take you forever to wait for it, because for me, it is worth that I waited for that day.

For the patient that my partner had for me while he was teaching me on how to drive safely, pay attention to the signs and other vehicles. THANK YOU SO MUCH MAHAL….

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