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Living room decoration

We are in the process of making sure that all the walls in the new house were setting up before the big move. On the other hand, planning of the interior design in the new house isn't as trouble-free as I thought it would be. First I have to make sure that it is thoroughly clean, meaning there are no more construction equipment inside the house laying on the floor, or extra piece of wood that is left from a previous renovation.

Willingly to say, that nowadays if you seek out for help through online there thousands of resources that would be able to give you advices or thoughts on what you would like to do in certain rooms in your new house. I am in high spirits, this is easy for me, I have to compile the entire blueprint that I wanted to happen in our new house. One main thing is, getting my husband an aquarium tank. I know man, loves this kind of idea. Although, hubby got a small one when I first moved here, and for some reason, there were only one angel fish that lasted and it died the next year.

Nevertheless, I am not unsophisticated of getting a bigger one. So I researched online and found out a stimulating website that has truly a good discernment from the previous customers. One good thing is that they are in business for a longer time, so their expertise makes me get the aquatic tank soon.

Base on the research I had learn about the toughened laminated glass, meaning this kind of material is hard to break. You are truly secure of your aquarium decoration inside. Plus, having kids you can’t tell if they don’t tap the glass while you aren’t around. What can you say, they are kids and they need to be conducted.

Also, if you knew someone who would like to purchase bigger than a house aquarium, I would urge this company here. Just take a few time and check them out, you would learn more things from them just like what I had.

Now the amusing part for me is that, I don’t need to be in a hurry to get this aquarium right away, I have ideas in the new propose, better conclude them first and once it is all settled I could get this aquarium taken cared off.


  1. hmm, now I am learning from this info, at least Iknow now where to look for aquariums accessory in case I would need one. :)

    1. that is so true, Yen it is easier to have so many resources right?

  2. i am excited for you Nova, am sure home decorating is a lot of fun despite it can be physically tiring too


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