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Essay at school

I do remember when I was in school. Most of my subjects have essays on it after the last day of school or even during the examination paper. I am not a fan of an essay at all. I feel like this is draining my brain to think. Or maybe I am just way too lazy to use my brain and think. Because I don’t have a choice but to answer the question or else I will lose a big point during the examination, I never like to make my sentences really long.

I make them shorter as possible, am more direct and achieve what I want to tell about the questions. I could remember that because it is easy, I have to think about many things. I have to focus not only in one concept but the disadvantages and advantages as well. I have to make sure that I will be able to give my reader the satisfaction response.

Nowadays, there are so many resources online that could definitely give you ways and details on how to create an effective essay. There is also website that offers to do it for you. It would be awesome especially when you are working and don’t have enough time to do the essay writing for school. It is awesome to know that so many help now, why didn’t they do this before? 

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