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Hot cocoa for a cold weather

This one of my favorite during cold weather. A Hot cocoa, that comes from the land of Philippines. You heard me right! I asked my mother to buy me some and just shipped it here. I had plenty of this in the refrigerator since last year. 

I couldn't use it during Summer and was really saving it for my hot drink on a colder days. I would prefer this instead of drinking of coffee 3 or more than a day. 

I would like to lessen the caffeine I intake and so this would help. I look for a good way to make it like the way my mother did. Thanks to the online resources I don't need to bother calling my Mama in Philippines.

To all, let's have a cup of Hot Cocoa and sip while enjoying this amazing cold weather [being sarcastic].


  1. I love milo during this time of cold weather. Good thing it is available here in our local Walmart :-)

  2. Oh yeah! :D i love hot coco and it's perfect for cold weather, keep us nice and warm :D


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