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SuperFoods Snacks Review

I sometimes feel hungry even after I ate my meals. I don’t want to eat too much since I tried to eat in moderation. I would like to have a good snack that can fill me with a healthy ingredients as well. I am happy that the superfood snacks had given me the opportunity to try their products together with my honest experience about the snacks.

I am glad to try this product since it fills my stomach from craving more food. One bite of each flavor is really good. It is very tasty and the flavor is just right. Very satisfying and I don’t even feel any hunger every time I ate two pieces of snacks.

A good substitute for eating too much food. You also won’t worry about it is contained of a very healthy and vegan ingredients.

You can simply check out about their merchandise through:


  1. Those are to strong of a flavor for me, hubby liked them though.

  2. You're same same with my daughter and hubby, they feel hungry after dinner,I don't know why? hehehe

  3. Many of these snacks foods are labeled here as junk foods. How sure are you na healthy ito. IO am asking ng sugar content kasi diabetic ako at masama sa akin ang magutom. This may come handy as substitute sa Sky Flakes.

  4. I haven't had the opportunity to taste this although my family may be interested in this since we cannot go without chips and snacks.

  5. what great is you like it. :) superfoods, with its name alone...makes me want to try it. hope its available here in Bkk.

  6. I eat 5-6 times a day with small portion each meal. This help my body to metabolize the food faster, preventing me to crave for more. Though I am not diabetic, still I am monitoring my sugar in take to avoid health problems. Healthy snacks are cool. I am going to visit the site of these snack to check the contents. They look interesting.

  7. Having "Chocolate" on its label makes it look appealing to me.. =) But, we're back into working out, so as much as possible, we're staying away from eating too much chips right now..


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