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Visiting Philippines after four and a half years

Before I left my hometown four years ago, the business and development of the place is not as booming as the recent years. I would like to spend most of my time together with my parents and my other siblings. It was a perfect month to visit for I choose December. During this month in Philippines families been gathered to reunite again for the said occasion. I was so lucky to have a complete siblings and parents to be with. Unfortunately, hubby couldn’t make it so my other half is at the other part of the world. Hope he will experience this kind of happiness we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Moreover, while spending most of my time in the place. I couldn’t help but try to think how much everything had changed as well as the temperature of the place. I thought December would be as cooler among the twelvemonth, however I was wrong. It feels like Summer the whole month.

Good thing the house is air conditioned. I am happy that they have finally paid attention about aircon servicing as well. While being so keen about the servicing they had for the air conditioner at home, I found out great information about airconservicing singapore. It is a good advantage to know about your companies service offers to have a convenient place to go if their servicing is in need.

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