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Far away during Valentine's Day

I guess this is another year that I have to celebrate my other half being far away from each other. I am here still in the Philippines and my partner is nine thousand miles away from us. Not only that he is only by himself, whereas I am with our precious gift, our son Chaos. I’m sure I will be spending my date and time tomorrow with our beloved son.

What about you? Is your partner far away from you as well? How do you spend your Valentine’s Day when you both don’t touch each other? I would love to hear your stories.

To all I would like to greet everyone a Merry Valentine’s Day. May this be another fruitful celebration together with your other half.


  1. Happy valentine Day to you sis, Me? i don't have a valentine date..he he! that's because i don't have a partner.. but it doesn't mean that i am not inlove, because with my little Destine i am forever inlove with my son, valentine or not :-)

  2. During the day I was with my family. Actually for me, Valentine's Day should not only when your are together with your half-life. For as long there is love kicking off inside us Valentine's day should be always everyday. And this is for all.

  3. Make up for the lost time when you are back in the US sis. However, do enjoy special occasions as well with your son bec when he's pushing pubescent, you'll barely see him come with you and your hubby. He'll have his own world.

    Also, I believe that everyday should be LOVE day. So, as soon as you're back in your homebase, go out on a date or prepare a romantic dinner for two.

  4. I have been there and it's hard at time but love will conquer it all. My husband's phone bill when w were still far away from each other was always enormous lol, he would call three times a day aside from our daily chat..

  5. our valentines day went ok, we just stayed at home and hubby gave me flowers and chocs before he went to work....I can't imagine being away from your sure he'll make out those special days with you soon.

  6. Me, I can even recall one Valentines Day that I've spent away with my sweetheart.

  7. Belated Happy Valentines Sis. Hubby and I don't usually go on date on V day. We believe that with our without that specific occasion we can actually make the regular day special even when he is away from us sometimes due to his work.

  8. There will be plenty of time to catch up when you're back in his arms. I just hope it won't be for long. Hope you had a great heart's day with your son.

  9. Aww. It's okay, Ate. At least you have with you your bundle of joy. ♥

    Well, my Valentine's day was well-spent with sleep! :) I do not have a boyfriend or any intimate relationship with anyone as of now.


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