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Writing an Essay

I do admit that I am no where near to have the prefect grammar. I do agree and accepts about my grammatically incorrect post. I have to read my writings so many times, that it makes me irritated to read them over and over. I tried to find the words that don’t belong to this sentence, or unnecessary to use for  this paragraph. I want to make sure that I seldom use redundant words.

I don’t get offended if someone is willing to correct my entries, for I know they are only trying to help me to correct those words. It is pretty embarrassing to post something that the whole world reads it and yet everything went wrong. I would rather be corrected and have a lesser humility than left my entry with more embarrassment.

That’s my story. Anyways, there are some people who do have talents when it comes into writing and essay. They know how to elaborate what they would like to express in order for their readers to understand their concept. They make the words simple and easy to read.

It is nice to know there are such simple ways to make even the writings better. Or if you are not sure about your grammars, it would be  best to give the experts a try.


  1. Constant practice, learning from great writers and reading will definitely help! Good luck to us! :)

  2. I agree with what Alley said. Of course, there was no record yet that a person has wrote story or article perfectly. It is normal but it can be avoided. Some experts said that simple English is good English. I am also learning from other writers. Good luck to your writing hobby friend.

  3. I have the most imperfect grammar hahaha but I am trying to get better.. Reading articles such as yours sure helps.

  4. Sakit naman nito... LOL I too have a 'barok' type grammar but I do agree practice makes it better.

  5. People barely check grammar these days. I've been in the Middle East for quite some time and I have never read a perfectly written piece. The major news paper here even prints wrongly spelled words and they are so-called professional journalists!

    Don't worry sis! We all have our grammar issues. Some may have all the time in the world to have the opportunity to be grammar police. Unless you're pedantic, I say it's not a crime to miss some correct grammar every now and then. But as bloggers, we can start by practicing.

    Good luck to us! :)

  6. oh I understand you perfectly Novs, I feel the same way, but I keep on writing and through the years, maybe I can say somehow I have developed my writing a bit, since writing was not my strength at all. But thanks be to blogging, it allowed me to write and meet you all who are patient with me, and we all learn from each other. I do learn from you. Good luck to all of us. Sometimes, I go back to my old post, and I would tell myself, "oh no, what happened? did I say this?" haha.

    on the other hand, even textbooks have errors, not just the grammar, but their answers to some problems sometimes are really outright wrong. So, I forgive myself when I make mistakes, but let those mistakes help me better my work.

    Thanks for sharing this, Novs.

  7. I agree with you sis:) SOmetimes it's hard for me to go on with one article when I am having hard time putting my ideas into words without commiting to many gramatical error or even writing with good coherence. I also agree to everyone's comment that practice helps us do better job with writing.

  8. i am one of this, i have constant battle with it. hahaha! but like you, i don't misunderstood it if someone's trying to correct me, i will be thankful but i hope she/he will just do it in a nice way. hehehe! kaya ngayon, i am just writing...practice makes perfect naman daw. hehehe!

  9. kung grammar lang man ganing ang hisgutan mami...agoy, number 1 na jud ko sa listahan nga liko liko ang grammar...I would say, your english is grammatically correct...:)

  10. As I heard thousand times before, "Nobody's perfect". The good thing is, we have ways to practice and improve.


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