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Ego T

I am not really a fan of people smoking. However, you can’t please everybody and will go on in the life they think would give them to their satisfaction. It is up to them, for they choose to be that way. The only way I can do is at least share some knowledge on how making your body healthy in spite of those choices they made.

I am glad that I never even jump into this kind of vices. I have saved more money and at least I have given myself the health that I would like to have. If ever you have chosen the other path, there are other alternatives to do so. Just like getting an ego t, it is a kind of cigarette that would not harm you that bad. An electronic one that I supposed doesn’t have nicotine in it. There are flavors you can choose from and enjoy. It is harmless for those non-smoker to enhale the smoke too.

So, if you wish to quit smoking, better do it this way. At least you would know you are not harming your body as much as the real nicotine could harm you and others. 

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  1. Yes, be glad you never did! I did for 15 years, finally quit about 9 months ago. I am in shock at how much my habit cost those years, and Lord only knows what it has done to my health!


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