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Who aren’t ready for Spring? Sungrubbies review

I am very much ready for Spring season the minute I stepped back in the USA. I was gone for three and a half months to my family vacation in my hometown. Where the weather temperature is always at 90 degrees. It is very nice and you can enjoy the lovely sunny day. I guess I would rather accept that rather than being frozen and couldn’t enjoy the environment because it is way too cold to be outside.

It would also be a perfect sun protection to have a nice fashionable hat for me. That’s why I am pleased and feel lucky that I was able to get the opportunity for a review from Sungrubbies site I have an amazing hat that could protect me from an ultraviolet ray of the sun.

The quality is excellent. It is made of 100 percent polyester which was given  a UPF 50+ kind of material. I love the design for it is perfectly what it is from the pictures at the website. I feel more protected to know that it is being tested in accordance with the ASTM standard.

I say, if you need to look for an improved UV protection, better get one from I am blissful with the product.

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A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchange of my truthfulness review. The outlook being expressed is a 100% exclusively mine. 


  1. I live the width if the brin

  2. My Mom definitely needs a hat like that--she used to sun bath back when it was deemed healthy--now she has to keep getting skin cancer spots taken off her forehead!

  3. You ook so bagay with hats, I love the beanie you got on the other post.

  4. That hat looks a little big but it is cute

  5. Cute hate. This would be perfect for a summer stroll or even working in the garden.

  6. I liked that hat! It's fashionable and at the same time it protects you from the sun!

  7. I love that hat, pretty and can protect you from the sun.. cool..

    Liza Barnett


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