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A Better Amps for a Good Kid

While visiting my family in the Philippines for 3 months, I realized that my 16 year old nephew is pretty good at playing his guitar. I asked him, if he went to school to learn how to play. He said, he didn’t, and all he has to do is to simply study the cords and how you strum the strings to make sure the tenor coincides with the original rhythm. 
Since he just graduated from High School, I was thinking about getting him an aguilaramp at Guitar Center as a gift. It would go well with his guitar; I’m sure, which gives it more boosts. That way, he can use the amp when he wants to play the guitar with his friends and family.

An interesting kind of gift I can give to him. Just something for appreciation how well-behave he is in school as well as in his family.

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  1. Nice gift you have given to him. Gifts always inspired to other specially teenager. And i hope he will behave well with his friends and family. Thanks


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