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My First Starbuck's Drink

This was after our Movie date. My pretty, hot and sexy BFF treats me for a Starbucks Drink. She knew I am preggo here so we make sure we didn't order the once that has caffeine. 

I do miss hanging out with her because it is always fun to be around her. It feels like we are back in our College Days and High School days again. 

By the way, this is the first time I ever had a drink from Starbucks. Lmao! Funny is knowing that Starbucks is pretty common in the USA. Thus, hubby would prefer Tim Horton's drinks rather than this famous Starbucks.

This was taken inside the coffee shop, it's a souvenir with my friend as well as a remembrance of my first Starbuck's drink. We make fun of this too.


  1. I tried it once nov and I still have my $20 gift card from a dear friend that I haven't use. Guro pag naa mi sa ubang ciudad, I'll use it hehe!

  2. you're preggy Novs? take care, that would be another joy for you.


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