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Have a spare parts at home...

We have such a long wonderful weekend. We got busy the consecutive celebration in the family however, that never stops us from working on our backyard too. It’s a time management I guess; we went to visit the family, and hang out with them then, went home early to finish up the yard work. That way, we would have a progressive day.

I do have fun working with hubby in the backyard, especially when I have great plans or ideas on what would be the backyard look like after the DYI. Though, there are times when you are working and some unexpected things happened like when you were in the middle of cutting some tree branches or pounding nails or screw things, then all of a sudden your equipment breaks. And you need a replacement part in order to use the equipment again. In order to prevent the unforeseen things from happening I think it is best to have extra parts at home.
And as for us, I guess it would be better to have lag screws spare just in case the other one we are using breaks. We really don’t know when will an equipment stops from working.  Be ready and have spare parts at home. 

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