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Grams saw the house after 2 years

For those who haven’t known me. I have to make sure that I’ll give out a brief story on what really happened. Two years ago, my hubby’s grandmother was moved in a nursing home due to some health concern. The house she’s living in for 50 years I think, were built by her and her late husband. And so, there were so many memories built in that place. During my hubby’s younger years, he and his older brother spent many years on the same house. And they built up good memories here together with their grandparents.  

Because of what happen to their grandmother, the family decided to put the house in the market, and to make the long story short, we bought the house. We never moved in right away for there are so many things to be updated, which are required by law. It took a year or so for the whole renovation to be completed. And although we aren’t professional, things turned out great. Everyone who has been to the house before and seen the after work was very impressed of the result.

After that, we promised to take hubby’s Grandmother back to the house for a dinner. And we did last April 20th; together with us are my In-laws. Everything seems to be great. My husband’s grandmother was also happy knowing that we take good care of her house. It will always be called her house no matter what. That I don’t mind at all. We got a positive reaction from her which what we all hope for.

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