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Saw the same Drum in the movie

I was watching a movie about a person who was in a band. He was at one of the members of a school band who joins contest and represents their school. One thing that I have notice was, the lead actor is using a classic snare drum which I do find it interesting. Nobody noticed his talent until his coach sees how talented this young man is. Nobody gives him the credit for nobody believes on his capabilities. He has this extraordinary gift about striking his drum and plays such amazing music. He can copy the sounds just by hearing the beat, no matter how complicated it is.

I like how the movie’s story goes until it ends. I finished watching the movie and starts feeling great. Because the movie reminds me of my younger days, for I am also a band member in our school band. I am not as talented as the lead actor; however, I can strike my drums as quite similar as the actor did. One thing I just don’t like about the movie is that, it takes a while before the lead actor was noticed due to his extraordinary talent.
Anyways, you should watch the movie. I am pretty bad since I forget the movie’s title. I might update this and would actually include the movie’s title so you could watch it too.

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