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Long Day

Today, was one of those busiest day we have so far. Got up very early to give the hubby a ride to his work. Got home, take care of myself and my son. Didn't eat a proper lunch for hours to pick up my MIL to her appointment and hangout with her at her place for an hour or so.

Then, went to the Mall for awhile to buy some clothes for my son, since the mall is already on the way back to our farm. Decided to wait for hubby after his work so we can go home at the same time, without me going back and forth to the town.

Now, I'm exhausted. There is only one thing in my mind. I still love to be a passenger than a driver. Just saying!

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  1. There are days that I want to be the driver then mostly passengers kay I got tired of driving back and forth from work so I think it is Goryo's turn pag kami kauban hehe.


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