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Vegetable Craving

It is one of those days that I craved for raw vegetables. A sudden craving for vegetables kept playing inside the head. Have urges of eating cauliflower, carrots, beans, and asparagus. Kid you not; those were the least of my favorite veggies.

Eating vegetables is no fan while growing up. However, things do change when choosing and forcing myself to eat them due to pregnancy. Yes! I made up my mind to give better nutrients to my unborn child. Moreover, through me, our unborn infant will carry healthy genes, so I must sacrifice and not be selfish.

It was hard for the first week. Thus, determination is what I’ve kept in mind in order to success. In addition, even if I have a harsh week at the end it became smoother. Additionally, I obtain to eat the veggies afterwards.

The sacrifices never end; instead, it is just starting. As having a child, you need to be a role model and show them that by eating veggies it will give them a healthier body. As a Mother, I desire to ensure that by choosing the right food is what we should always prioritize.

Lately, I have never regretted all the movements I did.  I have taught myself a valuable lesson that by choosing the balance diet would give me the opportunity to share the good life with my son. It will give an excellent effect in the end. Since we are getting older and we should be smarter when it comes to the foods I eat. Junk food will still remain; though eating in moderation is what we should do.


  1. It is also one way of introducing your kids to eat healthier foods.

  2. I don't know why the veggies are growing up pains in terms of eating healthily. I used to hate veggies too and so did my daughter. I have really forced myself to eat healthily to be a good example so I incorporated more veggies in our diet, even fruits. Now, we love veggies and we also eat them raw or drink them in juice form.

  3. i eat veggies almost every meal. i try to influence my kids by eating the same. sometimes it works sometimes not.


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