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Hubby's mowing

Just another random Sunday when I took my camera Olympus Pen-1 within our backyard, I took some random pictures around the place. I thought by using the art resolution of my camera would be more something cool, another picture that turned out wonderful.

I don’t know why, but I’m fascinated with Sephia color. It seems like its so old pictures and I sort to love it. Today’s photos star was my spouse and his mower. 


  1. Sepia does look so good-I am attracted to pictures that utilize it also.

  2. Love your sepia shots sis! I also like the ones you posted with clothes line and clothes hanging.

  3. What a fun way to capture a mundane event and make it special!

  4. Great photo! I really like the Sepia tone too!

  5. Kelli Avery10:05 AM

    I also like the Sepia effect when taking pics! great way to make even the most mundane tasks look like art! :)

  6. the sepia effect makes it interesting and even great to put on as a poster.

  7. Lovely effect on the photo. :) I would love to have one awesome camera someday. :)


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