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Party at Lockport and the meeting of a friend

A souvenir photo..thanks mommy Jess and Ate K
It was Saturday morning when my family and I were busy to get ready for another road trip towards my brother in law’s city. It’s actually a party for his girlfriend’s daughter and the whole family were invited. Because it’s a rare event to be in Lockport due to the travel time matter, me, my husband, and son, mother in law and sister in law went.

It was a 2 hours drive from our city to them, so even if it’s that far we love to come see them. It was another good way for me to finally meet other Filipino who lives in Lockport whom I met in the Blogger’s group through Facebook. It was anxious to meet her and her kids.

Before we leave the party, I make sure she’ll make it, we could at least chitchat, and they did. I was glad they made it.

The day turns our great and it’s nice to visit a family and see a friend.


  1. Cute kau ka mommy Novs. Imong anak kay cute pod kau mu smile! :)

    1. Salamat Mommy Healy...perti jud pa cute...

  2. wow, nagka-kitakits na gyud ang mga taga-New York :)


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