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Being trendy is fun

While growing up I always wanted to be unique from others in a good way. I wanted to be the first to create fashion and let everyone else copies me. I like to be the founder of certain things before anyone could think of the possibilities.

I remember when I was still in my High School days I always came up with a brilliant and creative ways. I guess my imaginations and mind power were so energetic during those times to be able to think of different trends.

One thing that I can remember is to wear different kinds of round laces on my shoes whenever I wear our non-uniform shoe. Sometimes, I used them on my uniform shoes, which I find very fashionable and interesting. When I get through a day without being caught by either our adviser or other faculty members, I’ll be able to wear them until classes are over.
It was more fun to wear those laces because it brings more life to an individual‘s eye. As a teenager, I always get a compliment whenever I used those fashionable laces. If only I could wear them, now I would. However, as time flies I started to get older and none of those styles truly fit for my age. Hence, I’ll pass being trendy to my next generation instead. 


  1. Beautiful colors of shoe laces!

  2. I love those colors! I remember being funky at one point during my high school days. And like you, I wear different laces on my PE rubber shoes and my classmates liked them.

  3. When I was in grade school, I use to have so many shoe laces with all sorts of designs to use.

  4. these have some colors that you can match on your shoes but they can be used for other purpose as well its Good material and has a the right thickness its great a replacement shoe laces nice color mommy.

  5. Being creative certainly has it perks. I bet it enlivened up your clothes back then.


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