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Teeth Molding

This might a little bit scary for young kids, but I do find it fascinating. I went to see my dentist few weeks ago for my splint. They have to mold my bottom teeth to get the shape and a perfect size.

You might be wondering what Splint is or also known as a Mouth Guard. It is a plastic made that would help your teeth from grinding while you are sleeping. Even if we don’t grin often while you sleep, you tend to force both your upper and bottom teeth pushing together you don’t even know. Sometimes, this could happen when you are too tired and stress. Your dentist can also tell because there are symptoms that can be seen in your teeth.

In order to protect my teeth from loosing I have to wear them at night while sleeping. The splint helps to stabilize my teeth so that they are less likely to move, which weaken the teeth that would cause them to fall out. Quite scary if the problem will not treat right away.

As prevention from other ways of having teeth problems, my dentist recommends this treatment. I enjoyed it, after I got my splint, I was asked if I would like to keep my molded teeth and I said “YES”. Now, I have a remembrance of my bottom teeth

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