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Review: Be part of a Fairy Tale world with HolyClothing

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wished to be a part of the Fairytale world. I have noticed that, in the world of fantasies has so much fun, no worries, it seems like everything you wish and want is there. There are no pains and heartbreaks but only happiness. Take note, I was only on my elementary stage; therefore I have less knowledge about the real world.

Moreover, I have at least two favorite fairy tale movies that I repeatedly watch, which it came to the point that I knew all the words each character has to say in the entire movie. I guess, because we don't have those fancy technologies before, therefore, watching movie in a VHS is the only pastime I have during those days.

While growing up the more I know about the real world, the less I've become very obsessed and interested in my fairytale life. Maybe because, I have been a part of the real world as well as know how things work. I have to face it and leave the fairy tale world.

Then, it's come to the point that I finally realized that there isn't such a fairy tale when the things you don’t expect to happen did happens in the real life. I was to the point that I am an adult and I know exactly what life is about that sometimes could end to be a fairytale or not.

Life isn't cruel since I do believe that dreams do come true, just happen in different ways. I was very happy when I came across to a website one ordinary afternoon. I never thought that I could never be a part of a fairy tale world anymore.  Hence, I have seen HolyClothing has the amazing and lovely enchantment clothing I've always wanted to have.

I could finally wear one of those astonishing dresses these fairytale princesses wore. I was even ecstatic when Holyclothing agreed with me to work on a product.

I've gone ahead to the website and look for the awesome Top I could get. I picked Rhiannon Renaissance Embroidered Lace-Up Bell Sleeve Tunic Top – Ruby Red with a retail price of $32.99. It also comes with different colors if you wish to get something different.

I was so excited and could not wait for the product sample in the mail. Then, after a few days, I heard a loud knock on our door. It was the FEDEX person holding my awesome Top. Signed and immediately opened the package. It was my Top from Holyclothing.

I feel so magical...

Immediately I tried it on and I was so happy that I feel like one of the princess already in a fairy tale. I love how the fabric is very soft and cool, very comfortable that I love to wear it all the time.

The bell sleeves are magical to own this kind of tops, a dream I always love to be part. The size is perfect too; I’m a petite woman so the top is quite long for my size. I love the embroidered lace-up; the front has a very pleasant propose. There’s also a strap at the back where you can adjust freely.

Get magical like me purchase those enchantments apparel such as tops, skirts, and dresses and more.

Please visit the website @ You may also follow them on their Facebook page to see what’s new in the marketplace.

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the HolyClothing Top for FREE in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 


  1. They have so many selection that I like!

  2. What a fun idea for clothes! Truly a fairy princess!

  3. oh my what a cute shirt

  4. The dress looks good on you!

  5. What a unique idea for a clothing line! The top you chose is very cute.

  6. Love their dresses, it feels like you're in the fairyland.

  7. I like the one you picked!

  8. Looks like you're ready for the H party, momi Novs! Good choice!

  9. Looks so pretty on you. I like what you got sis.

  10. my mom got this one design i think in blue but she got that long time ago and I dont know where she bought it! love the colour of your top!! you look good!

  11. Nice top looks good on you, as a kid I'm fascinated with fairytale and I always believe fairies wear shimmering clothes :)

  12. Do they offer loose outfits lang? My wife at times thinks she is ciderella. LOL

  13. lencilicious4:07 PM

    It's a nice top. I like the purple color.

  14. I'm not a fan of long sleeves because of hot feeling. But this is good as a costume for a a holloween party.


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