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Ballroom Dancing is what my parent's past time

During my son’s napped, I always remembered the fast days together with my family in the Philippines, thinking how chaotic we are siblings with each other in a fun way during those younger years. The memories we built up with each other is truly treasured, especially when I see things that would remind me of what are the best times we do without being involved with technology.

I remembered that my parents were younger during those times and they even enrolled themselves in a ballroom dance lessons to have past times. They sometimes went to a family friend’s house for the lesson and just randomly dance. I remember it was one of the famous dances during those years. Moreover, it is very nice to see that your parent dances in front of you during Christmas, New Years and even their birthday celebrations. 


  1. i love watching ballroom dancing o beautiful

  2. Sounds like you have some great memories ♥ Ballroom dancing is such a lovely act to see!

  3. I used to watch my grandparents go ballroom dancing before.:)

  4. Oh what a beautiful memory of your parents dancing ballroom! I remember my parents dancing ballroom before too. Wish to see them doing that again someday.

  5. I love to dance just for the sake of dancing and part of fitness, but never really went ballroom dancing. I would love though. :)

  6. Ballroom dancing is the one thing that wish I could learn.

  7. My grandparents were never dancers, I remember they were really hardworkers that even in their nap times, they still do something to make extra money... I wish they could have done something like ballroom dancing...


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