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Table Settings Ideas

I mentioned in my blog earlier that we would be hosting our Thanksgiving for the very first time. The whole family is coming over together with the dish they prepare for us to share, while I will be busy with the preparation and cleaning of the entire living room and bathroom. The kitchen might be too messy but that’s part of the preparation of the food for everyone.

Too bad one of my husband’s sibling won’t be able to spend the time with us. She mentioned that she‘d stay for a little while as she have other plans. Just so sad to we are not complete. I am a Filipino and will always be no matter what, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving there, but when I moved here, they have an important holiday such as like Thanksgiving where the whole family should be together, merry and be thankful for life, blessings, and the family we have. However, I am starting to think that well my husband’s family doesn’t see the importance of family at all. I never like comparison yet, they are WAYYYYY too different from the family closeness I’ve raised and used to.

Well anyway, as I have some plans and ideas about the table settings which I can’t wait to do. I have few ideas to share with you. I do hope you will find this interesting; I like the simplicity and the arrangements. 
If you don't have enough chairs, seems like we can use other kind...
Putting fresh center table decor is a good thing of smelling fresh fruits and leaves..


  1. always wish i had a talent for this beautiful

  2. Wonderful setting, I am not good with these but thank you for sharing.

  3. I always like a more casual, relax and low-key dining and I love the second one; the Mediterranean style. Love it! And good luck on your preparation. I am sure it will be a wonderful thanksgiving with the family. For us, it will just be the four of us at home.

  4. Some Americans are close with their families. I guess, it depends on how they are raised.


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