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Golfers can customized their wedge

Many beginning golfers have the most difficulty learning how to hit their wedge. Pitching wedges vary in the amount of loft they can produce. The two different types of wedges are the sand wedge and the pitching wedge. 

While a sand wedge is used primarily in greenside bunkers, it can also be used for short wedge shots from about 50 yards out to send the golf ball high into the air and impart maximum spin. 

A pitching wedge is more versatile and can come in a wider range of loft than a sand wedge. A 52-degree pitching wedge, for instance, can be hit farther and on a slightly lower trajectory than a 60-degree pitching wedge. If you don't want to just buy a wedge that you see for sale in a sporting goods store, you can opt to go to a pro shop or a golf club retailer and have a custom wedge made to your specifications. 

While this option has been around for quite a while, Clevelands My Custom Wedge service is taking custom wedges to a whole new level. When you use the service, you not only can specify that you want a 54-degree wedge with a strong left-handed grip, but you can customize it so it is one-of-a-kind. 

You can choose from a wide range of colors, have your name etched into the club head, add a logo, and even add a checkerboard pattern or another cool background. It is questionable whether or not having the coolest wedge on the golf course will make you a better golfer, but you will have a lot of fun showing it off to your golfing partners.


  1. nice gift for the person in your life that golfs

  2. Oh I had no idea!
    It is such an intricate sport

  3. I know some people who love golf and this would make a fantastic present for them :) x

  4. Anonymous9:21 PM

    My husband has customized clubs, he says it makes a big difference. For me I do not think it would help at all as I am horrible regardless of what I try to do.

  5. Golf is a sport I don't know a lot about, but after reading this post, I will be able to talk a little golf with my friends.

  6. Kelli Avery8:10 AM

    I am not a golfer but I do know a few people who are that would love this option

  7. Sounds cool and fun for golfers. I only play mini-golf and wish to play golf in a real golf field someday :)

  8. My neighbor has customized golf stuff.

  9. I haven't tried the real golf game yet, I've tried those mini golf though and it's fun.

  10. I live in a golf community, but I have not tried playing golf yet. My husband owns a gold set, but he has not used it here.

  11. I sure don't know anything about golf, but I would like to try one of these days.

  12. My family is really not into golf but my dad is.:)


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