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Post Birthday!

YES!!! It’s confirmed that yesterday November 7, 2013 was my Special, Natal, and Birthday Day. I am very happy for those people who never fail to remember it, my family, and friends. However, it was not as happy as it is on the other part of the world, especially to my fellow Filipino, in the Philippines, as they are holding tight for the coming of the Super or Strongest Typhoon that has known this 2013. It is sad to know that, there might be lives and properties that will be taken because of the sad calamities. Nevertheless, we did pray for the safety of everyone especially those who live in the areas affected.

I cannot celebrate my birthday thinking that my Brother, New Sister-in-Law, Sister, my Parents, and relatives were one of those areas that have warned on Signal 4.  Instead, I would rather pay attention to the news update about what is going on of the Typhoon in the Philippines.

Just want to show you, those amazing website/company that remembers my birthday. I really appreciate it, with all my heart.

You may ask how old I am? I’ll be forever 21 years old. 

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