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5 Ways To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Sink

Choosing a new or replacement kitchen sink presents several exciting challenges. The challenges result from the array of styles, designs, colors, shapes, add-ons, sizes, and functionality available in today's market. The challenges are also what create the excitement.

Whether a kitchen demands a contemporary style sink, or one that is antique or retro, country, traditional, or perhaps a Bristol sink design, it can be accomplished. Any kitchen sink of any style can be beautifully and authentically installed. Here are five ways to guide buyers in choosing the best kitchen sink.

5 ways to choose the best kitchen sink 

1. Number, Size, and Shape.

How many sinks, what size and shape, with or without a draining board are important considerations to ensure highest functionality and satisfaction. So it is a decision of not too much and not too little for the lifestyle of the kitchen's owners. Lots of food prep and cooking require more preparation space with at least two sinks. A small condo kitchen may need just one sink. Shapes can be square, rectangular, linear, or round.

2. Design elements

Design elements can include traditional, antique, retro, contemporary or sleekly modern. Choosing the right sink design creates a seamless fit into the kitchen's period and style. A match can be found, whether it is a farmhouse kitchen, Swedish modern, an antique colonial or a comfortable contemporary kitchen designed for the ease of family and guests.

3. Construction material

Basically, what's it made of? The choices are delightfully varied.

  Ceramic
  Porcelain
  Stainless Steel
  Copper
  Fireclay
  Enameled Cast Iron
  Acrylics
  Marble

Once again a material should fit the kitchen's design elements and style period. For instance, stainless steel would be a jarring note in an antique kitchen. Marble is a very beautiful, upscale material and would fit into an antique colonial kitchen.

Keeping the sink spotless, shining, and stain-free is important. Most modern sinks do not stain easily and are simple to maintain with a fresh appearance. Buyers should obtain complete information on each product that they consider to ensure years of satisfactory use.

4. Installation

Installation includes placement within the kitchen area and how the sink fits into the countertop. Traditionally, sinks were installed against a kitchen wall. This is still a popular choice. But today, sinks are often installed in the center of the kitchen within design cabinetry.

The sink can be built into the countertop from beneath, flush with the surrounding area, making a smooth flat surface. Another choice is to drop the sink with its surrounding lip down into the counter opening. When installed the lip then is elevated slightly above the counter surface.

5. Budget

Sink costs vary tremendously. Some fine sinks are available for a few hundred dollars while others cost well over a thousand dollars. Items that figure into costs are the size and number of sinks being purchased. And, of course, the second most important price point is the material chosen. Some materials, like ceramic, come in various quality grades which affects the price. Antique or retro sinks can frequently be at found at antique shops at good prices. Uncovered bargains fit right into a special setting.

In summary, using these five ways to choose a sink should guide buyers to choices that satisfy every design element and last for many years stain free. The sink will integrate naturally into the kitchen and fulfill its function in food preparation and cleanup. A well-chosen sink is a wonderful thing to have.

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  1. I always love modern, contemporary kitchen designs so I like the second photo! If I get to have my own house someday, I would really turn it into a modern kitchen and it will be my investment.

  2. I like modern style kitchen sink as well. As for the material, stainless steel for the reason they are easy to clean.

  3. Oh that first pic of the kitchen is beautiful! I wish to have a nice dining island table someday in my kitchen. I wish to replace our kitchen sink to stainless steel too.

  4. these are really good tips so when I go to remodel

  5. Wish my kitchen is that spacious hehehe.

  6. I always love to have one of those old farm house sink that is huge and very spacious. :) These are some great things to consider when choosing a sink.

  7. What a great tips but the number 5 is really the most important thing to consider first.


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