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Him and Her

Me and hubby loves dessert all the time. We love to eat ice cream of different kinds. This time I wasn't eating my favorite flavor because I want to eat Halo-halo. Basically, a mixture of sweetened beans, plantain, pineapple, coconut and more. We also put violet yam or what we known as UBE. Additional to that is a scope of ice cream, leche flan, grinned ice and evaporated milk. I have one bowl and so my hubby. We enjoyed to eat our favorite dessert that night. For our little one, not too much sweet or sugar for him is prohibited so we never risk to give him any of our dessert. Maybe when he is a little big older, he can try some of our favorite dessert and for now, it would be best not to give him. 

This would be a perfect dessert for Summer. I was wondering, if I put a mini stand outside the house and would say I put Ice Cream or Halo-halo for sale? Would you think that would click? I have no clue, or what about doing a Leaflet Distribution for advertising my mini-stand store. I have to think about this before Summer starts, so I could have a small business in front of the house.

Halo-halo that I bought at Asian Store

Ice cream with chocolate, caramel and strawberry syrup on it...


  1. The ice cream looks tasty and now I'm craving for ice cream.

  2. My husband and kids love ice cream but I seldom eat it.

  3. I used to not like ice cream because of how much calories it has and because it is yummy I might end up eating a lot. But now I love ice cream and knows how to eat in moderation. I miss that ube flavored icecream. I should check Asian store for that


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