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My nice T-shirt In Heart Print

I’ve always wanted to get a nice and comfortable long sleeve in this colder way. It's best that I was given the opportunity from Choies to receive one of the finest products. I found a nice T-shirt InHeart Print just perfect to what I like. You can always find the shirt for only $43.98 and take note the free shipping is covered it. I wore this during our trip to the Hershey Park in PA last September during our 5th year wedding anniversary. Very comfortable and cozy I love it because it feels soft as it is made of cotton fabric.

Our last stop before we head home was the Cavern, good thing this is what I wore as we are going underground and it is quite freezing during those time. A quick picture with the Indian statue first and we off to go. 


  1. I have the same heart shirt!! AWESOME :)

  2. You look great Nov. I like the big heart design

  3. i love t-shirts it's all about the right shirt with jeans for me. This is a cute one

  4. Anonymous9:18 PM

    That is a cute shirt, looks comfortable. You need one that moves easily with as active as you are. I will check this out in hopes that we get some cooler weather soon.

  5. wow, you and Chaos look so cool, Novs

  6. It is a nice shirt. Yes, it gets really cold in the cave when you go exploring so it is always best to bring a warm jacket with you.

  7. Aww look at Mr. C's pose, very cute. Love the top Mommy!


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