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Simbang Gabi only in the Philippines

Traditionally to most Filipinos ‘Pinoys’ when December comes we got busy not only with buying presents to family, friends and to Godchildren but at the same time is a one preparation of ‘Mesa De Gallo’ mostly known in Tagalog as ‘Simbang Gabi’. This is 9 morning masses which start every 16th of dawn up to the 24th of the morning. A holy mass is conducted on the said Eucharist and the good part of this is that, it’s the time to those people who wants to share the experiences of their lives on how God be there for them. I do salute this individual who is so eager to help others even if its based on their experiences.

Moreover, I had attended the 2 mass so far and want to complete these 9 masses and make a wish. Mostly, think about it that way, but do you know that it is your FAITH who makes those wishes, wished to come true? I certainly give you a 100% thumbs up on these because I have experienced many times, my desire that comes from the bottom of my heart and asked it from God.

I bet that, sooner or later I’m going to miss this ‘Simbang Gabi’ after I’ll move to be with my Jeffrey. And surely, I bet that this kind of traditional will only be found in the Philippines.
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  1. What I also like during Simbang gabi are the delectable street foods waiting outside. Those sticky rice cakes and steamed puto oh yummy. Truly, God is a good provider, that is one of His promises. He will grant us what we need but always according to His will. His will is always perfect and good.

  2. I miss doing simbang gabi too mommy Nova :) Wish it's not cold here in US so we can march to the church without getting frozen. hehe

  3. Since I am no Catholic I don't do Simbang Gabi, but I know the tradition. I sure miss the Philippine Pasko though and that feeling of Christmas season in the Philippines. We may not be rich, but there was something about it that I just feel excited. Maybe because my entire family gather together to celebrate the season and the new year and it was always fun. We never really get any presents, but just being able to spend time with cousins, eating together and having fun was enough. :)

  4. Mas masaya ang pasko sa atin kasi it is more on celebrating the the true reason opf the holidays, dito kasi parang commercial ang dating..


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