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5 Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming has been recommended by health professionals for a number of ailments. Swimming is a low cost activity that can be done all year round. It is low impact, kind to joints and is a great workout. You can swim solo or join a group for some pool exercise. Swimming will bring you greater health, put you in a better mood and a great side effect of swimming is it releases the happy chemicals known as endorphins.

Improves flexibility

Swimming uses the body’s ligaments and joints to stay flexible whilst in the water. This is far different to the isolated movements the body uses in a gym or running environment. Swimming makes you stretch your body, before you begin any swim stroke, so this creates improved flexibility.  After an aqua workout, always stretch in the pool. You will find it much easier to balance.

Helps maintain healthy lungs, heart and weight

Swimming is considered to be an aerobic exercise, so it helps to strengthen the heart. It makes the heart pump the blood more efficiently, thereby causing the blood to flow better through the body. Swimming can also act an anti-inflammatory exercise. This will help to reduce coronary heart disease.

Arthritis sufferers

People suffering from debilitating arthritis are able to stretch and strengthen their muscles in a swimming pool.  Doing a workout in a heated pool is of more benefit too, as the warm water will help to loosen stiff joints. Hydrotherapy is often used for people diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Water therapy can also be beneficial for people experiencing pain from osteoarthritis.

Tones and builds up muscle strength

Swimming places little impact on the skeletal system. The body becomes lighter when submerged in water. If you suffer from arthritis or are overweight, swimming is the ideal exercise for you. Water is twelve times as dense as air, so every stroke or kick means resistance, which means building up muscle tone. Swimming can also improve bone strength, which is great for post-menopausal women.

Benefits Asthma

Swimming has also proven to be of great benefit to asthma sufferers. Asthma is often aggravated by dry or cool air and allergens that float across the airstream. Swimming is done in a moist environment and can help reduce asthma symptoms. Asthma sufferers find their symptoms are reduced, they can breathe better and there is a marked decrease in snoring. Swimming teaches proper breathing techniques and increases lung volume. To gain total health benefits, have a look at for hints on how to keep your pool in top condition.

Swimming can lower cholesterol, help to control diabetes and is a great form of relaxation. Until you get in a pool, you will have no idea how totally relaxed you will feel.  Being in water literally takes the weight off your shoulders. You can submerge yourself to feel refreshed, float around and enjoy a feeling of well-deserved relaxation which is great for the mind and body.

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