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You might consider in your Garden this 2014

Everyone is ranting about how cold it gets every day, including myself at least once that was when it reach two digits negative temperature and I could not turn up our heater or we will have an outrageous electric bill, so the only thing that would let it out is update my status on Facebook.

Anyways, let’s just face the fact that every day comes is one step closer to Spring where all the flowers will be blooming and no more of the cold weather for a while.

Some may have plans to fulfill and finish the once left last year towards their gardens and others might have a change of landscaping. As, for us, I guess we’re doing both; we still have a long way to work in our backyard to be able to finished the whole changing.

That’s why, it's better to have ideas handy, I hope through this image I’ve found on the website, I often visit would help you motivates the plans for your garden this year. 

You might want to add a nice fountain to listen on its relaxing flowing

Consider to put up poetry signs too...

Other by Lincoln Landscape Architects & Designers Benjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens
Planting the right plants and herbs, vegetables and fruits in your garden while you enjoy to see them grow...


  1. I love that poetry idea but I think I would use a painted wood rather than a printed material.

  2. Love your great an inspiring images!

  3. Wish I have a huge garden because I would love to have a fountain on it. It will add beauty and it is relaxing to listen to the flowing water.

  4. I miss having a huge garden right in our own backyard. We are thinking of buying our own little place here in Wyoming, and I am excited of the thought of having a garden again.


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