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Balancing Family Life and Romance in Your Relationship

When you have kids, romance with your partner can often be pushed to one side as your life becomes overwhelmed with housework, your career and looking after the children. You’re likely to find it’s difficult to get a moment’s peace, never mind making time to be romantic with your partner. However, just because you’ve had children doesn’t mean you can’t have the same passionate relationship as you did when you were young and free. Here are a few tips to rekindle the romance in your relationship.

Have a date night
Setting aside an evening once a month just for the two of you can really help to get the romance flowing once again. Make sure you choose your evening in advance to make sure you can make the appropriate childcare arrangements as well as giving you something to look forward to! It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant; you might want to catch a movie or go for dinner. As long as you are spending quality time together that’s all that matters.

Try a weekend away
It might be difficult to take a full holiday if you have work and family commitments but you might be lucky enough to have willing grandparents who will look after the kids for the weekend. Taking some time away from the housework and the strains of family life will give you the opportunity to connect again as a couple.

Try a spiritual reading
More and more couples are opting for spiritual forms of guidance such as a tarot reading at TheCircle to give them some guidance in their lives. A reading can give you some insight into your future and can be particularly beneficial if you feel that cracks are developing in your relationship. Being able to discuss your concerns in a safe environment can help to get things off your chest and make you feel more positive for the future.

Renew your vows
If you are married then renewing your vows can take you back to that blissful time when you first fell in love. It can allow you to reaffirm your love for one another and give you a special day which focuses on the two of you as a couple.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with making time for yourselves as a couple. A happy and loving partnership makes for better parenting and a happy family!

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