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Fashionable Sakawa Celeb Diaper Bag from Okiedog

I have been in quest for a finicky and fashionable diaper bag to use whenever we go on a family road trip. I discern for sure that I can set some of my stuff inside the bag to thwart of bringing two separate bags for my stuff as well as for my son. It is not easy to find a very functional bag for the mother and kid in one. It became a hassle for mothers to also bring two bags at the same time, so the lesser the better.
Front of the bag...too fancy 

I found while browsing another blog’s website. I was very fascinated to learn more about the website and their merchandise. While surfing online, the Sakawa Celeb Diaper Bag is what strikes me the most. I knew the minute I’ve seen the bag I fell in love with the design as well as how would it beyond doubt gives the function I was seeking for quite some time now.  
I love the pockets...inside the bag
I am pleased to work on a product review with the company. I did choose the Sakawa Celeb Diaper Bag so I can see the beauty and the purpose of this bag with my own two eyes. I acknowledge the product through UPS Ground and when I opened the package, I knew that my impression was correct. This is perfect and beautiful, just what I needed.

these are the accessories I love about Sakawa Celeb Bag

Sakawa Celeb came with 1 set of clipix stroller clips, to make everyone conveniently while strolling. I do find this clip very clever, as sometimes, I get tired of just carrying the bag on my shoulder. It also came with 1 accessory bag, 1 insulated bottle holder, and 1 antibacterial changing mat. I must say this diaper bag has it all in a role and fancy way. I also love the pocket and inserts this bag has meaning, I can put my stuff inside at the same time, not just a diaper bag, but also some of my stuff.

My overall familiarity with Okiedog products is amazing; I say I will definitely give them a 100 % rating. I’m very satisfied with their product and I like it. To learn more please visit them @, and enjoy the 20% OFF discount valid until February 28, 2014. Please use the code 1420 at the checkout. You may also follow them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to learn more about products and sales.

A disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I received the Sakawa Celeb Diaper Bag products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 


  1. A lovely and flexible bag for baby's diapers. Hope that this product can help mothers.

  2. a lot of baby accessories like this diaper bag are available nowadays unlike before that i need to scout for a big bag that contains partitions inside. This sakawa diaper bag is indeed very handy :)

  3. Diaper bag is very important accessories once you have a baby. I like the inside pocket, I think it's a big plus.

  4. Anonymous8:41 PM

    I think i need one like that since i am bringing my toddler at work my usual practice is to put his stuff on my shoulder bag too, thus it looks so bulgy. This one is great!

  5. That is one stylish diaper bag, parang di diaper bag no?

  6. that's so cool Novs, know what? I once bought a diaper bag! Haha! I liked the design so much I did not know it was a diaper bag, when I brought it to the cashier, the cashier told me, "oh wow, you got one very elegant diaper bag, GOOD CHOICE!" I was too embarrassed to return. Indeed, diaper bags these days are so fashionable that I could use them as my work bag for they are very functional too.

  7. Gone are the days when diaper bags are just utilitarian. They are now also fashionable like the ones you got. Use it well :-)

  8. This post remind me that I need to by a new bag for me. Not this one though... hehehe. It could be Jansport or North Face.

  9. I am on a look out for something like this to give as a gift for my friend who gave birth to a baby girl! this looks very nice!

  10. Oh. This one is so handy for all the moms out there. Looks fashionable too! :)

  11. Mommy Nova, that is one fancy diaper bag. I like the design too. It looks durable as well :-)

  12. How cool! Sure it's gonna serve well its purpose on the road


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